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Dave's Little Car Shop has been located in the Walnut area, serving Los Angeles County, Riverside County, Orange County and San Bernardino County Volkswagen car owners. From classic Beetles and VW vans to GTI and Jetta SportWagens we are Volkswagen repair specialists. That same 1975 Beetle you're driving today was brand new when Dave was working on it in 1975! We know our Volkswagens!

Dave's Little Car Shop offers the same great factory service using OEM parts. We adhere strictly to VW factory specifications but at a fair price and substantial savings to you. We strive to exceed our customers service expectations.

No one looks forward to auto repair, service and maintenance. We try to make it less frustrating, keep you safely on the road and keep you informed of any pending issues. Following Volkswagen's manufacturer's maintenance schedule we can help you prolong the life of your VW.

It's always better to prevent rather than repair.

If you are driving an older model VW or an air cooled model have your belts checked and adjust the valves regularly. Trouble sneaks in through these areas.

The old style points can close up, if replacing always replace your condenser at the same time. Distributor cap and rotor are usually plastic and deteriorate with age and use. If cracks develop moisture gets in. Then the metal contacts on both can corrode, resulting in misfiring. Inspect cap and rotor plug wires at the same time. Replacing these at recommended intervals or if signs of excessive wear will save you frustration and time.

Spark plugs can tell a lot about your engine. Inspecting spark plugs tell you a lot about how well the engine is running. Air cooled models need to change plugs at 10,000 miles or they could seize into the head. Later models change plugs at 40 - 60,000 miles. This is true even for "low maintenance" Volkswagens.

Use the mileage guidelines shown as your benchmark to routinely change your filters, lubricants and coolant.

All vacuum hoses should be checked and replaced as needed. Even a slight leak can cause your check engine light come on.

Due to Volkswagen's factory recommendation of synthetic oil late model oil change is recommended at 5 - 7,000 miles, while earlier air cooled models using non-synthetic oil need to change the oil every 3 - 4,000 miles. While synthetic oil is priced higher you'll be pleased to know the cost works out the same.

From major repair such as engine overhaul and rebuilding a transmission to less traumatic repairs of clutches and air conditioning repairs, computerized diagnostics and oil changes we offer full service repair for your Volkswagen cars.

Whether you are in Duarte, Chino, Brea or Pomona give us a call for Volkswagen auto repair service you can trust with quality you deserve.

"I only take my VW Beetle to Dave`s.....very honest, knows everything about VW`s."
—review by CarLaw

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